Dear Parents,

We are thrilled to finally bring you details for an exciting event to conclude this extraordinary year – The GSA Movin’ On Up Parade. This event will take place as a drive-thru event along the GSA Drive next Wednesday, May 27th starting at 8:30 am.

As many of you know, we traditionally host 8th Grade Graduation on the final day of school to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our 8th grade students. As part of that celebration, each grade receives a ‘graduation bell’ to ring in solidarity to signify their own mini-graduation moment from their current grade. So, as part of our desire to maintain a semblance of normalcy and celebrate the traditions that make our community special, albeit in different forms, each girl should have received a little silver bell in her mailbox by today. We ask that you kindly set the bell aside for safe keeping until the GSA Movin’ On Up Parade!

The Logistics:
We have assigned each grade an arrival time and parading thru time. Your daughter’s current teacher(s) will be present, along with your daughter’s next year teacher and Dr. Peña – cheering the class on as they ring their bells to commemorate the rise to the next grade level!

  • Please be on time to ensure you can line up with the correct grade level – early birds should wait in the Tarrytown parking lot until their scheduled line up time slot. 
  • Be mindful of our neighbors and leave ample room for driveways when lined up on McCall.
  • Drive through only once (or once per grade if you have multiple students)
  • Right turn only onto Windsor Road when exiting the driveway
  • Please use the route indicated on the map below.

Safety Asks:
Please note the safety and well-being of our community is paramount. Therefore, we ask that all parade paticipants please adhere to the following precautions and expectations:

  • Parade participants should remain in their vehicles at all times. Roll down the windows, wave and cheer and enjoy the fanfare, but please stay in your car!
  • Anyone outside of their car/lining the parade route [a small number of faculty and staff members only] will wear masks and observe recommended social distancing guidelines.
  • The interior of the school, including restrooms, will not be open.
  • Anyone who has experienced symptoms within the past two weeks or has been in contact with anyone who was symptomatic in the past two weeks should not attend the event. We will miss you, and we will appreciate your care for your community in staying home.


Kindergarten: 8:25 — line up, 8:30 – parade through the drive

First Grade: 8:45 — line up, 8:50 – parade through the drive

Second Grade: 9:05 — line up, 9:10 parade through the drive

Third Grade: 9:25 — line up, 9:30 – parade through the drive

Fourth Grade: 9:45 — line up, 9:50 — parade through the drive

Fifth Grade: 10:05 – line up,10:10 – parade through the drive

Sixth Grade:10:25 – line up, 10:30 – parade through the drive

Seventh Grade: 10:45 – line up, 10:50 — parade through the drive

Eighth Grade: 11:10 – line up, 11:15 — parade through the drive


Of course, we recognize the fundamental truth that each family has different circumstances, different comfort levels, and different needs. Being mindful of this reality, please know this is an invitation to participate. We also understand that all members of our community may not feel comfortable with this plan, and we respect everyone’s right to make the decision that is in theirs and their family’s best interests.

We are looking forward to marking the end of school and look forward to seeing you next week. We have missed you all and can’t wait to celebrate your girls’ many achievements this year via a bit of fanfare and good cheer!