Why a Girls’ School?

How is Our Campus Different from Others?

The Girls’ School of Austin is a remarkably gender-free environment.  Our students are routinely asked to take on all of the roles in their classrooms and on the campus at large. They are researchers, analysts, writers and scientists. They are athletes, artists, producers and even, comedians. They become comfortable as leaders and collaborators. Our girls graduate with a strong sense of accomplishment, both academic and personal, and a strong sense of who they are, which is empowering.

We believe that our school’s culture benefits girls in many ways, including:

  • An environment that supports study and small group collaboration.
  • Freedom from gender stereotypes that can affect both academic and social development.
  • Frequent opportunities to try new activities and new roles.
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills among supportive peers.

Will a Girls’ School be an Advantage for your Daughter?

We find that all kinds of girls thrive at The Girls’ School of Austin. Our school culture puts love of learning first and provides opportunities for girls to develop their talents. They learn to succeed individually and collectively and to interact well with each other and their community.

To read more about the advantages of single-gender education, we invite you to visit the International Coalition of Girls’ Schools website.