The Girls’ School of Austin is governed by a Board of Trustees that has long-term vision, strong fiscal acumen and is well-grounded in “best” practices for outstanding private schools. The board actively supports and maintains the School’s mission, values and vision and accepts ultimate responsibility for the School’s legal well-being and financial and administrative strength and advancement.

Four standing committees oversee the affairs of the School:


  •  The Committee on Trustees plays a vital role by ensuring that there are enough qualified board members on the team, nurturing relationships with potential board members, and providing orientation and training to board members.
  • Chair: Tricia Yost, Vice-Chair: Allison Wetzel



  •  The Finance Committee drives financial excellence through budgeting, development of financial controls, record-keeping, bookkeeping, and finance.
  • Chair: Leanna Layton



  • The primary role of the development committee is to advise the Board and staff of the school on all matters pertaining to fund development and to oversee and coordinate the ongoing fund development efforts of the school.
  • Chair: Lee Bash




  • The Marketing Committee oversees all communications initiatives, marketing research and public relations.
  • Co-Chairs: Trish Morrison and Alexis Sanford


The following individuals currently serve as trustees:

Tricia Yost


Mark Lawerence


Deborah Clark


John Melton


Allison Wezel

Vice Chair

Leana Layton


Trish Morrison


Bronson Dorsey

GSA Maintenance

Head of School

Lee Bash

Development Chair

Samantha Symons


Alexis Sanford