Auditions for the TMEA region 18 All-Region Middle School Orchestras were held on October 15. The All-Region Orchestras are organized by the Texas Music Educators Association. Students from all over Austin compete for spaces in the Symphony (top orchestra) or Philharmonic Orchestra. With many talented young musicians in Austin competition is fierce and an intensive preparation is required.

This year sixteen students from grades 6th through 8th at the Girls School of Austin auditioned with seven being selected for the Symphony Orchestra and four selected for the Philharmonic Orchestra. The selected musicians for Symphony Orchestra are: Tess Frazer, Cosette Hendrickse, Eve Nguyen, Hazel Adelman, Lily Christie, Morgan Strong and, Mazzi Berson. For the Philharmonic Orhestra: Genet Leeds, Stella Falkin, Mimi Nguyen and, Alanna Howlett were selected.

All of the students who auditioned are in the Girls School of Austin’s Chamber Orchestra who meet weekly after school as well as being in enrolled in the regular GSA strings program that meets twice a week in 7th and 8th grade, three times a week in 6th grade. This is the highest number of students from GSA that have been accepted with one third of string students in 6th-8th grade being selected. The All-Region Orchestras for middle and high school meet for one concert. This year’s concert will be on Saturday November 19th at the AISD Performing Arts Center.