Seventh and eighth grade students from the Girls’ School of Austin received nineteen awards in the regional scholastic writing awards. Tess Frazer, Ainsley Freeman and Ava Masterson were awarded gold keys. Hazel Adelman, Mazzi Berson, Cosette Hendrickse, and Eve Nguyen received silver keys. In total GSA received three gold keys, four silver keys, and twelve honorable mentions. All twenty-five students entered the competition with one to three pieces of writing each. They were given two months to prepare with several classes and writing labs dedicated to the assignment. Many students stepped out of their comfort zone to experiment with new genres and were pleasantly surprised with what they accomplished. “The competition provided useful practice with meeting deadlines, submitting writing, and accepting the outcome – whatever that may be,” said Alex Agryros, the seventh and eighth grade language arts teacher. The award-winning pieces included short stories, humor, flash fiction, poems, essays, and science fiction.

Many congratulations to our winners and all who participated.