Monday 9/30: MATH

MATH: MB pg. 64, HL 2.3 

Humanities: Map of The Underworld (Book of The Dead) due.
Study for Grammar Quiz

Tuesday 10/1:
MATH: Journal pg. 69 problem #3 & 4; MB. pg. 71

Humanities: Study for Grammar Quiz

Wednesday 10/2:
MATH: Journal Pg. 67 – Plotting Points (review); MB. pg. 68

Humanities: Grammar Quiz on Unit Two and Capitalization.  
Study for Spelling Quiz

Thursday 10/3:
MATH: Journal Pg. 74; HL. pg. 43 (Multiplying Fractions) 

Humanities: Study for Spelling Quiz

Friday 10/4:
MATH: Journal Pg. 75 Decimal Review; HL. pg. 45 Dividing Fractions

Humanities: Spelling Quiz. Complete Egyptian project.