Monday 1/20: School Holiday

Tuesday 1/21:

MS MATH: Home Link 4.7 (p. 111), Math Boxes 4.7 (p. 191)

Humanities:  Grammar: pgs. 109-112. Complete Newsletter Article!

Wednesday 1/22:

MS MATH: Home Link 4.9 (p. 115), Home Link 4.10 (p. 117)

Humanities:  Grammar: 113-116 (including Review). 

Thursday 1/23:

MS MATH: Home Link 4.11 (p. 119), Math Boxes 4.11, (p. 203) BE SURE TO TURN IN FRIDAY BEFORE THE FIELD TRIP!

Humanities:  Complete Graphic Organizer for Literary Analysis Essay on Escape From Aleppo for Thursday, January 30th.

Friday 1/24: 

MS Math: Math Journal p. 189-190 – Using the Distributive Property / Dividing Whole Numbers

Humanities: Work on Graphic Organizer.  Review Grammar on Pronouns for Grammar Quiz on Monday, January 27th.