Last week launched yet another exhilarating year at The Girls’ School of Austin! Already, the electricity of learning and laughter fill the air with energy as students, faculty, and staff reunite and meet each other. Last Friday morning, parents joined us to kick off Community Meetings, and it was clear that we are in for another extraordinary school year.

As I shared at that Community Meeting, this year’s theme at GSA is “Vibrant Voices!” This theme is focused on a fundamental truth: the world needs the distinctive voices of our girls, strong and unwavering. Our theme, “Vibrant Voices,” celebrates the importance of their unique perspectives and ideas, and the remarkable impact they can have.

In a universe that’s forever changing, the power to communicate, advocate, and engage thoughtfully is a gift that can’t be underestimated. “Vibrant Voices” propels us to create spaces where every girl’s voice finds a receptive ear, where we listen and learn from one another. Our girls instinctively understand that “voice” can be literal – using vocal cords, lungs, and mouths – as well as figurative, through writing, painting, protesting, boycotting, playing music, acting, and more. It’s the GSA’s goal to give them ample opportunities to develop and exercise their voices in multiple modes in multiple settings.

Throughout this year, we’ll craft an environment teeming with opportunities to amplify and strengthen the vibrant voices of our students. Some new initiatives include: student council in Middle School, podcast projects, interview series, and expansive service learning opportunities.

Thank you for choosing the Girls’ School of Austin as your home for learning and growth. Together, let’s make this year one filled with vibrant voices that inspire, empower, and leave a lasting impact on our school and on our world.

Here’s to an incredible year ahead!

 Here are some resources to dig in more on our theme of “Vibrant Voices!”

  1. Podcast: On Educating Girls Podcast Episode 23 – Girls Love REAL Conversation
  2. Video: “3 Ways to Speak English” from Jamila Lyiscott Explores the complexity of language and the impact of language on identity
  3. Picture Book: My Voice is a Trumpet by Jimmie Allen
  4. Middle Grade Book: Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan