Dear GSA Community,

I am sad to inform you the Board of Trustees voted unanimously yesterday to accept Cathleen Eclarinal’s resignation as head of school, effective immediately. The Board made this decision after Cathleen acknowledged a breach of trust with the school’s finances. And although the school’s finances were not significantly impacted, the Board concluded that it has lost confidence in her ability to lead our community effectively.

The Board is developing a plan to select an interim head of school and to secure new leadership for the longer term. Faculty, staff, and members of the community will, of course, be involved in that process. Already, we have begun assembling a committee to start this work and will continue to move forward over the holiday break.

This is undeniably a painful moment for GSA, but we are determined to secure the outstanding leadership that the school – our faculty, staff, parents, and most importantly our girls – deserve. We hope that we can all come together as a community in this challenging time and maintain the strong community that so many people have helped to create over the years. Meanwhile, the girls will carry on with the amazing classroom experiences that we’ve all come to expect.


Tricia Yost

Chair, Board of Trustees
The Girls’ School of Austin