Students collecting weeds and loose branches

Students cleaning up the native plants garden bed on campus.

The girls and teachers at GSA spend a great deal of time out and about in the Austin community giving of their time and energy, but it’s equally important to turn our focus inward to our own little community, as well. Therefore, in observance of Earth Day, the girls and teachers spent the afternoon beautifying our campus. The sister groups partnered up to complete various tasks throughout campus. Several groups weeded the garden beds along Windsor and throughout the interior campus.  There was a ‘bus detail’ group that also included a few hose-downs for the gardening groups. The girls picked up trash and recycled. There were many hands making light of the work!  We ended the day with a popsicle party for reducing the amount of trash on campus by 30% during the month of March!  Kudos to all the girls for their time and attention taking care of our environment.