2020-2021 Task Force 
A 2020 -2021 Task Force made up of GSA administrators, staff and faculty has been researching and studying different options for transitioning into the new school year and has identified several hybrid models that are being considered. Those models may include utilizing our outdoors spaces, flexible/alternating schedules, livestreaming lessons to support remote learning, and focusing on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) instruction to facilitate community and relationship building. Our goal is to start the school year on August 19th with learning environments that will be mission-driven and community values-aligned. We will provide robust learning opportunities and the best overall experience for the whole child while prioritizing the health and safety of all members of the learning community. Our plans will be flexible and adaptable in the face of the unpredictable nature of the public health crisis our community is facing, and I thank you in advance for your patience and support. The task force is also researching safety protocols that will be incorporated into our learning options such as, but not limited to, social distancing, increased hygiene practices, extra sanitization, face coverings/masks, temperature checks, and symptoms checklists. As the details of our learning plan become more certain, additional protocols will be considered. A communication packet will be coming soon that will assist you in preparing your family for these additional protocols. We are also reviewing our school policies to ensure that they are flexible and nimble to enable us to respond quickly to new information as it is received.

Your Voice

We have collected some initial feedback from a few of our parents via the digital comment box on our MySchool page, but more input is needed. Therefore, a short survey is now available on our MySchool page. I highly encourage you to complete the survey so that we understand your family’s needs during these unusual times. The task force will utilize this data to inform our options and make final recommendations by the end of July.