Giving Tuesday

Your Giving Tuesday gift goes to support our Firebird Fund! Named after the school mascot– the Firebird– The Girls’ School Annual Fund is called The Firebird Fund. Many of the enhancements and unique programs, such as music, fine arts, and robust service-learning opportunities provided at our school are a result of each year’s Firebird Fund. Charitable giving allows us to offer an exceptional education for every girl at the GSA!

Why is the Firebird Fund necessary?
An education at the Girls’ School of Austin is exceptional with a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, hands-on service-learning opportunities, and critical social and emotional learning experiences. Tuition does not cover the entire cost to educate a child at The Girls’ School. Charitable giving is important to bridging this gap to maintain excellent programs and curriculum. If you are able, please consider a leadership level gift to go above and beyond in funding an exceptional Girls’ School of Austin education.

Your gift to the The Girls’ School Firebird Fund, combined with the gifts of other parents, grandparents and friends of the school, has the cumulative power to strengthen and elevate the The Girls’ School community. Together we make The Girls’ School a place for young girls to thrive, express themselves, and feel at home while also becoming enthusiastic, confident and resourceful learners, citizens and friends. Additionally, your participation helps make a powerful statement to the larger community including outside donors and charitable foundations that look for strong support within the schools they wish to support.

Does it matter when I make my pledge or gift?

Giving Tuesday gifts are elligible for a match from November 29th-December 13th. Gifts given during this time will be elligble for the Firebird plushie and the Superhero Art Book.

How much should we give?

We hope you will participate at a level that is personally meaningful to you. Your gift directly enhances your child’s education. Gifts over $250 will receive a Firebird plushie as a thank you, while gifts over $500 will receive a limited edition Superhero Art Book! Your donation is an expression of support and pride in The Girls’ School of Austin. All gifts matter and every gift makes a difference!

Do you accept matching gifts?
Yes! The Girls’ School of Austin is a 501c3 qualified organization, EIN: 74-2963379. Please check with your employer to see if a matching plan exists for your charitable donation. Thank you for maximizing your gift to The Girls’ School of Austin! Contact the development office if you have questions at 512-478-7827 or via email.
Why not charge the full cost of educating a student?
Fundraising helps keep The Girls’ School tuition accessible, provides additional classroom materials and opportunities, and keeps the school diverse and open to a broad variety of students. In addition, while tuition is not tax deductible, your gifts to the school can be fully deducted. As a parent, your participation in the Firebird Fund helps you to teach, by example, the importance of giving back.  It is an opportunity for every family at The Girls’ School to discuss philanthropy and share those values as a family. And, every family who gives takes ownership in The Girls’ School and contributes to the solidarity of our community.
I support the spring gala fundraiser. Why should I support the Firebird Fund, too?
The Girls’ School holds two fundraisers each year – the Firebird Fund in the fall, and the gala in the spring. Both efforts support operations, and the gala also raises a significant amount for special initiatives. These two events bookend the school year and are intended to bring both fun and funds to our community.
Do you accept contributions of something other than cash?
Yes. We are happy to accept gifts of stock, in-kind donations, and IRA required distributions. Please contact The Girls’ School development office for specific instructions at 512-478-7827 or via email.



Reagan Ward
Director of Development and Communications