Aftercare Program

The Girls’ School offers families extended after-school care until 5:30 p.m. on a drop-in, as-needed basis. Girls enjoy free time on our large playground as well as supervised time for homework.


Aftercare is from the end of the school day (3pm for Lower School, 4:00 for Middle School) until 5:30 every day.

      • The front office will be staffed until 5:30;
      • A staff member can be reached at the front desk until the last student leaves

Aftercare offered on a drop-in basis; Pre-registration is not required for this program.

Younger siblings can join the aftercare program until their older sibling is released at no cost.


We offer three billing options for parents:

Option 1: Pay by Semester

Parents may choose to pay for each semester up front. Each semester costs a flat rate regardless of the number of days the student stays in aftercare in a semester or what time they get picked up:

    • Lower School: $1,200 per student per semester (average $15/day)
    • Middle School: $800.00 per student per semester (average $10/day)

Option 2: Punch Card

Parents may purchase a 20-day punch card for $350.00. Each “punch” counts for one day of aftercare for one student, regardless of what time the student is picked up. Punch cards are valid for the whole school year. (average $17.50/day)

Option 3: Monthly billing

In addition, parents can opt to continue utilizing the traditional billing method to pay for aftercare:

Parents may choose to be billed monthly based on the daily rates below:

    • 1.25 hours (1 hour and 15 minutes) of care- $10 (i.e. 3:16-4:30 for Lower School; 4:16-5:30 for Middle School)
    • More than 1.25 hours (1 hour and 16 minutes+) of care- $20

    Parents are required to sign students out.