Humanities 11/11:  Grammar Review-due Thursday.

MATH 11.11: Journal Pg. 118 and 120

Humanities 11/12:  Grammar Review-due Thursday. Share your up-cycle project.

Humanities 11/13: Work on Grammar and up-cycle project

Math: finish journal page. 123; Journal page 124 – Drawing/Interpreting  histograms

Humanities 11/14:  Review due. Vocabulary words

Math: Journal Pg. 129 – Solving ratios; MB 3.5 pg. 130 

Humanities 11/15: Vocabulary words due.  Study for grammar Quiz on Monday.  Work on up-cycle project.

Math: Home Link pg. 75 & pg. 77 – Division Pract w. and w.o decimals

Spanish: Workbook pages 73 and 74. Garbanzo assignments about toro and migrantes. This is all due Monday, Nov 18th.