Monday, March 2nd

Math: MB 6-11, HL 6-11, SP # 14

Humanities: Project due tomorrow! WW 11A, VC # 16 due Wednesday

Spanish: Garbanzo: Hattie estas de moda, pages 107 and 108 from the workbook.

Tuesday, March 3rd

Math: MB 6-12, HL 6-11, SP # 14

Humanities: Read! WW 11B, VC # 16 due Wednesday

Wednesday, March 4th

Math: Jeopardy review, study for test

Humanities: Read! WW 11C

Thursday, March 5th

Math: None

Humanities: Read! WW 11D, study for VC quiz on Friday

Friday, March 6th

Math: None

Humanities: Read!