In late December the GSA Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept Cathleen Eclarinal’s resignation as head of school. The Board made this decision after Ms. Eclarinal acknowledged a breach of trust with the school’s finances. And although the school’s finances were not significantly impacted, the Board concluded that it had lost confidence in her ability to lead our community effectively. 

GSA has selected two staff members from within the GSA administration, Frances Ramberg and Shanna Prewitt-Hines, who will co-lead the school for the remainder of the school year with the guidance of our Board Chair, Tricia Yost. We will begin the search for GSA’s next permanent head of school this spring and will have interim leadership until the 2021-2022 school year. Over the next three months, we will evaluate and determine our interim leadership options for the school year 2020-2021. The GSA Board will support the co-leaders to ensure that the GSA continues to educate our girls, admit new students, and support our faculty and staff. 

GSA is a strong and resilient community and we remain dedicated to providing an excellent education for our girls and supporting their academic and social-emotional wellbeing.